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K.O.E. (Kennel Odor Eliminator) Concentrate

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To eliminate even old deeply impregnated animal odors from cages, runs, tables, floors, walls and other large areas.

.Can be added to cleaner, rinse or spray. It is compatible with cleaners and germicides.

K - O - E works chemically through bonding, absorption and counteraction. It contains inhibitors to control odors caused by further biological (organic) decomposition (putrefaction), and residuals that re-activate after the initial application to combat and prevent odors.

Add 1/4 oz. to one (1) gallon of cleaning solution or rinse, whatever is done last. The same dilution in water may be applied to specific areas with plastic lawn/garden type pump up sprayer. For high pressure wash, add to detergent tank at the rate of 1/3 oz. to six (6) gallons (1 to 1,536). Ratios may be varied to achieve desired results.

Eight (8) ounce self measuring bottle makes 32 gallons.

The effectiveness dramatically decreases if used with chlorine solutions. Although safe, as with all chemicals, K - O - E should be kept out of the reach of children. For external use only.

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